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Ball State University /
Indiana School for the Deaf
Participant Program

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I believe that my ISD experience can be summed up in this way:
"Hear and you forget,
see and you remember,
do and you understand."
As my year at ISD came to a close,
I truly understood teaching, friendships, and above all...life."

~Participant Class of 2002-2003

Ball State University, in conjunction with the Indiana School for the Deaf, works diligently to provide Deaf Education students with the best possible education through immersion, experience, and understanding.

Deaf Education students enrolled at BSU are strongly encouraged to complete a two-semester program at the Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD). Conveniently located just 50 miles from Ball State's campus, ISD provides an experience unlike anywhere else! While being submerged in Deaf Culture and American Sign Language (ASL), students gain classroom and teaching experience.


The objectives of the program include...


The sign for connecting

"Everyday, I felt like I grew closer and closer to the core of what it takes to be a fantastic teacher. I was not aware of how much I have benefited until now."

"The experience at ISD has been great! I recommend that everyone in Deaf Education come to the Indiana School for the Deaf. I have learned so much more than books could ever teach."

Participant Class, 1997-1998

Two students attending Ball State classes in an ISD classroom


Contact us at: ahadadia@bsu.edu or (765) 285-5710